I took for granted what you do, but I’ll do better.

Tuesday Jul 22 @ 09:49pm


Arrow One Gifset Per Episode 2x14 - Time of Death
"This is about me. Okay, Sara can analyze blood. She can kick ass. She can do anything. And the one thing I’m supposed to be good at, I’m failing at miserably. And why do you even need me now that you have her?"

Tuesday Jul 22 @ 07:38pm

Tommy rewatch (1/?)

Tuesday Jul 22 @ 05:27pm

Katie Cassidy + Instagram

Monday Jul 21 @ 09:49pm

Monday Jul 21 @ 07:38pm

Arrow Hiatus Rewatch 2014

: Island!Oliver picks up some tricks in “The Odyssey” (1x14)

Monday Jul 21 @ 05:28pm

Monday Jul 21 @ 03:17pm

Helena Bertinelli. If I were you, I’d stay away from her.

Monday Jul 21 @ 01:06pm

Favourite fictional females - Felicity Smoak

"Code breaker is my middle name. Actually, it’s Megan."

Monday Jul 21 @ 10:55am

Grant Gustin on the set of ‘The Flash’ - July 11th. [X]

Monday Jul 21 @ 08:44am