2.23 | 3.01 
Tuesday Jul 29 @ 06:35pm

arrow season 3

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 05:27pm

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 03:16pm


1x15|3x01 - first date parallel, oliver now being able to open up about his past to felicity.

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 01:05pm


first look at arrow season 3- new footage begins about one minute in

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 10:55am

three times oliver watched felicity go and one time felicity turned around to look at him while he watched her go (x)

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 08:45am

Oliver and Felicity in the  Season 3 First-Look

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 06:33am


its too beautiful!

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 04:22am


Oh, if the sky keeps falling down for you,
There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do.

Inspired by [x] & [x]

Tuesday Jul 29 @ 02:11am

Monday Jul 28 @ 09:49pm