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If you’re so far gone and so irredeemable, then why would they know you by such a beautiful name

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Anonymous said: David Ramsey said in an interview once that John Diggle is Oliver Queen five years from now. When he said that I thought "how accurate!" If you look and dissect both Oliver Queen and John Diggle you can make that same observation because in many ways you can tell Diggle sees himself in Oliver which is why he's the only one who can truly relate to him on his level as a person who's been through war and demons. Do you see Dig as the "future" Oliver?


Oh, GOSH yes, Anon!  

In fact, when he said that in that interview (one of the ones from Comic Con this year), I might have stood up and pumped my fist. Because that’s how I’ve always sort of read his character.  Dig has always been Oliver’s go-to-advice guru, from his first episode.  Remember back in season one when he told Oliver that he understood coming home was the hard part, about how people expect you to be different than how you are now?  I mean, if that doesn’t sum up Oliver, I don’t know what does. As for relationship advice, well, Dig has always been spot on there as well. 

Dig cares for Oliver at this point, quite a bit.  They’re family.  And he definitely sees himself in Oliver, recognizes some of the struggles Oliver goes through, and wants to help. Dig is Oliver’s proof that he can make it out the other side and have an intact life.  A happy life. A balanced life.  I think we’ll see a LOT of that this season in particular. 

That same interview had Guggenheim talking about how you don’t see many married superheroes.  Combined with David Ramsey saying what he did about Dig being Oliver five years down the road and well, as an Olicity shipper, if that didn’t excite you then I don’t know what would.  The glimpses we got in the premiere, especially the way Oliver mooned over Felicity while she cooed at the baby only further cemented that.  

The theme is there.  Oliver is going to need Dig to help him navigate his identity issues this year.  Oliver is going to cling to the hope that Dig’s example gives him.  He *can* have what Dig has now, if he stays true and doesn’t lose himself in the process. 

Let’s just praise Dig and all that he represents right now, shall we?  Bless you, Dig! 

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you know who else doesn’t know that sara is dead? sin.

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Every kid dreams of being a superhero, having powers, saving people — but no kid thinks about what it’s like when you’re a hero and you’re not saving people. Truth is, not much else changes. You still hurt, you still love… you still wish, and hope, and fear things… and you still need people to help you with all of it. In some ways, that’s the best part.

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Caity Lotz being adorable

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